I’m interested in volunteering, but where do I start?

Take the first step. Join us for our next Volunteer Orientation. They take place the second Tuesday of each month, from 1:00-3:00pm. (Please note: we do not hold orientation during the month of December.)

What can I expect?

You’ll gain information, receive a tour of the center and learn more about the services we offer. No obligation . . . just information.

What opportunities are available to me?

  • Receptionist | Answers incoming calls and any questions the callers have, directs calls as necessary.
  • Client Associate | Meets with clients during their very first appointments, lends a listening ear.
  • Baby Shop Clerk | Sorts, organizes and distributes baby clothes and supplies.
  • Medical Sonographer | Conducts ultrasounds using our equipment.
  • Men2Men Associate | Meets with the men who accompany women to their ultrasounds.
  • Handyman | Assists with repairs/updates to building, equipment or property.
  • Cargo Carrier | Transfers baby goods and other items from Mom2Mom sales to the AAAPRC or Once Upon a Child.
  • Mailing Volunteer | Assists in putting together mass mailings.
  • Baby Bottle Volunteer | Assists in prepping or processing bottles for campaigns.
  • Church Liaison | Communicates the AAAPRC’s needs and events to their church.
  • Event Volunteer | Various responsibilities associated with special events.
  • Fundraiser | Contacts various companies for possible donations.
  • Other | Other opportunities are available.

How do I sign up?

Call 734.425.8061 to sign up for the next Volunteer Orientation. If you’re pretty confident about volunteering with this ministry, please print this application and mail it to the center, or drop it off . . . we’d like to meet you! Please review our Confidentiality Agreement as well.