Baby Bottle Campaign

Our Baby Bottle Campaign (BBC) provides an easy and fun way for churches to support the AAA PRC ministry. We have four opportunities throughout the year as listed below. The first date is when the campaign begins, bottles are distributed; the second date is the campaign end date when the bottles are returned. The next cycle of campaign dates are:

  • Sanctity of Human Life (SOHL) Sunday: January 20 – February 17, 2019
  • Lent: March 6 – April 18, 2019
  • Mother’s Day / Father’s Day: May 12 – June 16, 2019
  • November, National Adoption Month: November 4 – December 2, 2018

Here’s how it works:


  1. The church makes an announcement 1-2 weeks before the campaign to inform and generate enthusiasm to participate.
  2. AAA PRC provides the “bank” baby bottles for you to distribute to your church, youth group, or bible study.
  3. Bottles are taken home, to the office, or to school and loose change, bills, checks are collected.
  4. After the campaign ends bottles are collected by the church and returned to the center.

It’s that easy! And, while pocket change may not seem like much, it quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars that help save lives by providing care and support to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

To participate email or call Helen at, 734.425.8060.