Fundraiser Events

The ministry holds two fundraising events each year: the Fall Banquet and Spring Race.

2018 FALL BANQUET: So excited to feature Lee Strobel as our keynote speaker this year!

Lee.StrobelGet details and register for the 2018 Fall Banquet on our “Events” page.



2019 SPRING RACE: This year the Race for Life will move from Mother’s Day  weekend to Father’s Day weekend in hopes of enjoying warmer weather. AAAPRC Race

We’ve held the Race at Hines-Park, Nankin Mills in Westland for the last 4 years. It’s a fantastic location, kid/family friendly, and we’re praying it will be available Saturday, June 15, 2019… pray with us!

Calling all Teams! We’d like more teams to participate so start thinking about who your running fanatic friends are (or not so fanatic), who’d love to raise money for LIFE and invite them to join your Race Team. And what’s a team without a Captain? Step up and lead the way!

Also new this year, we plan to offer the 12-week spiritual and physical training Bible Study, organized by the AAA PRC, “Run for God”. The study will likely begin in February or March – stay tuned for details. Let’s get Teams together for the study!

“Flying FlapJacks” have been a hit for the Spring Race and they’ll be back in 2019 – YUM!